Supercharge your OCT with advanced image analysis

VivoTools is a software suite for the analysis of VivoSight OCT images. It is for Investigational Use only (research applications).

VivoTools proprietary algorithms take measurements which quantify the effects of your skincare treatments to objectively determine efficacy.


VivoTools Automatically Measures

• Changes in vascular density by depth
• Epidermal thickness
• Skin surface roughness
• Optical attenuation as a proxy for collagen density and skin hydration

Display of Raw Data

Changes in vascular density

Quantify the density of vessels by depth in the dermis.

Average epidermal thickness

VivoTools can measure the average epidermal thickness over the entire 6 x 6 mm scan area.

Surface roughness

Roughness measures include peak to trough, average roughness and 3D image.

Beam attenuation

Proxy measure for collagen content.

Batch Processing with VivoTools

Accelerate research and increase efficiencies Save time as VivoTools can automatically analyse large numbers of OCT scans

Document management with VivoTools

Managing Files

Export OCT images and analyses for use in reports, presentations and publications