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Skin Vasculature & Blood Flow

VivoSight Dx produces and characterizes vascular network images

Understanding cutaneous vascular presentations is a prerequisite for effective research programs including:

  • Clinical research involving systemic and topical medications
  • Optimization of treatment parameters for lasers, energy devices etc
Dramatic inflammatory reaction after topical exposure of skin to capsaicin
Dramatic inflammatory reaction after topical exposure of skin to capsaicin. Left: vascular pattern of medial aspect of forearm of middle-age male. Right: adjacent site at same depth after exposure to capsaicin from Habanero pepper
Plot of VivoTools analysis output of vessel density vs depth in skin after treatment
Quantify treatment effects by measuring vessel density before and after treatment

Besides imaging vascular networks, VivoSight Dx and VivoTools measure the following vascular properties:

  • Vessel density by depth
  • Depth of the superficial vascular plexus
  • Modal vessel diameter of the superficial plexus
  • Density of vessels at the plexus level

VivoSight Dx Measurements Can Enhance Research of Inflammatory and Vascular Conditions:


In addition to marked morphologic differences (thickened and bright stratum corneum, acanthosis), the number of blood vessels and vascular density is increased in psoriasis. Images courtesy of Welzel [3].

Image of Psoriasis (top) compared to healthy adjacent skin (bottom).
Psoriasis (top) compared to healthy adjacent skin (bottom). Especially in the upper stratum papillare, loops of dilated capillaries are present (arrows) [3]
Images shows a reduced number of vessels after application [Right]
Images shows a reduced number of vessels after application, however many of the medium to large vessels are still visible (right). Yellow bars indicate the location where measurements of vessel diameter were performed. The measurements showed a reduced vessel diameter of 42% after the application of brimonidine (diameter at baseline: 0.08 mm; diameter after brimonidine application: 0.046 mm). Images courtesy of Themstrup [5]

Rosacea Therapy (Brimonidine)

Dynamic OCT en-face view of normal skin located on the cheek before (left) and 60 minutes after topical brimonidine (right).

Port Wine Stain Birthmarks and Rosacea

VivoSight Dx uncovers a wide variability of quantified vascular morphology requiring different, individual treatment approaches with lasers and energy device

VivoSight D-OCT vascular images and measurements of Rosacea
VivoSight D-OCT vascular images and measurements of Port Wine Birthmark

VivoSight Scans Show Highly Variable Architecture for a Variety of Vascular Lesions

VivoSight DX Dynamic Optical Coherence Tomography (D-OCT) images of Vascular Lesions, Port Wine Birthmarks, Hemangiomas - Dr Jill Waibel, Miami Dermatology Laser Institute
En-face dynamic OCT scans of five port wine birthmarks, five hemangiomas, and two from normal skin. Images courtesy of Waibel [1]
Plot of Vessel Diameter Distributions in Port Wine Birthmarks - Dr Jill Waibel, Miami Dermatology Laser Institute
Histograms of vessel diameters at three selected depths in a hemangioma. From this data it is possible to estimate both the cross-sectional area and the volume of vessels of a particular diameter range and depth range that is to be treated by laser.
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