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VivoSight Dx in Clinical Practice

VivoSight Dx is indicated for use in the two-dimensional, cross-sectional, real-time imaging of external tissues of the human body.

VivoSight Dx has received FDA 510(k) Clearance K153283

The system is indicated for use in the two-dimensional, cross-sectional, real-time imaging of external tissues of the human body.
This indicated use allows imaging of tissue microstructure, including skin, to aid trained and competent clinicians in their assessment of a patient’s clinical conditions.

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VivoSight OCT system
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Benefits in Clinical Practice

Quickly see below the surface

  • Provides High-Resolution, Cross-Sectional Images of Sub-Surface Skin Tissue
  • Visualizes Blood Vessels in the Upper Dermis
  • Aids in Assessing your Patient’s Condition

Clinical Practice Imaging

BCC wittth dermoscopy, histo and OCT (1)

VivoSight - sebaceous keratosis

VivoSight - nasal skin vasculature

VivoSight - BCC

VivoSight - superficial BCC

VivoSight - squamous cell carcinoma SCC

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Explore the research and clinical applications for VivoSight

Advance Your Research and Development Programs

VivoSight Dx in combination with VivoTools image analysis software visualizes and quantifies treatment effects.

See the Whole Picture to Improve Outcomes

VivoSight Dx produces high resolution imaging of skin sub-structures and vascular networks to aid in patient care