Advance Your Research and Development Programs

VivoSight Dx in combination with VivoTools image analysis software visualizes and quantifies treatment effects:

In Laboratory Research:

Accelerate development timelines and reduce costs

  • Clinic and benchtop versatility
  • Non-invasive scanning of in-vivo and ex-vivo targets
  • Multiple objective skin and vascular measurements
  • Automated report generation
  • Batch data processing
VivoSight Dx is also ideally suited to image microneedles in-situ and in-vivo

In Clinical Research:

See and measure changes in skin microstructures produced by disease and treatments. Fast, convenient and objective

  • Quick and easy way to monitor skin changes
  • Non-invasive, no special preparation of skin required
  • Ideal for time-based studies evaluating tissue response over an extended period
  • Provides quantitative measurements, for objective and repeatable assessment of treatment efficacy
VivoSight OCT measures immediate inflammatory reactions
Image and measure immediate inflammatory reactions

VivoSight has been an essential tool in research programs, cited in over 350 publications on topics including:

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