Atopic Dermatitis

VivoSight can image and measure skin changes resulting from Atopic Dermatitis

VivoSight Dx capabilities include analyzing microscopic and functional skin changes, such as:

  • Epidermal remodeling and thickness measurement
  • Inflammation and hidden abnormalities, as measured by alterations in vascular morphology, density and blood flow
  • Optical attenuation (as a proxy for collagen density)
  • Skin surface roughness
Location determination and morphology assessment of the superficial vascular plexus aid in the management of AD

Epidermal Alterations

Structural OCT images from subjects with different AD presentations [1]:

OCT image of healthy individual with no history of AD
OCT image captured from an uninvolved site on an eczema patient, showing slightly extended rete-pegs and an undulating DEJ
OCT image captured from an involved site on a different eczema patient, showing what appears to be inflammatory acanthosis (Long thin epidermal papillae/rete-pegs)

Vascular Alterations 

  • A selection of 2D angiographic OCT images of the popliteal fossa shows significant differences in detected superficial vascular plexus depth (SPD) for different EASI scores, and further showing morphological differences [1] 
  • SPD has potential as a non-invasive biomarker of severity of AD and sub-clinical inflammation
Healthy Subject
AD patient, unaffected area. Local EASI = 0
Patient with mild AD. 0 < Local EASI < 5
Patient with severe AD. Local EASI < 5

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