VivoSight Dx in Aesthetics

VivoSight Dx elevates patient care and provider reputation through:

Enhanced Treatment Capabilities

  • Visualization of unclear micro-anatomy and pathology
  • Real-time feedback on procedure progress

Elevated Patient Interactions

  • Effective communication-, consultation tool between physician and patient regarding pathology and skin health
  • Documentation of therapy and healing process
Jill Waibel uses VivoSight OCT to image the skin

“OCT will be the greatest addition to the laser clinician’s armamentarium against scars since the fractional ablative laser.

Also, for proliferative vascular disease and non-melanoma skin cancer, VivoSight will advance management through better assessment capabilities and treatment guidance”.

Jill Waibel, MD | Miami, FL

VivoSight Imaging Enhances Patient Benefits and Confidence

Scar Revision Procedures

  • Avoid over or undertreatment of scars
  • The extent of a scar is not completely visible and scar depth can vary greatly even for flat scars
  • VivoSight can measure scar depth allowing laser treatment parameters to be adjusted to optimize results. Images courtesy of Waibel

Safety and Risk Management

  • Intra-operative use of OCT to guide full-field (very) deep ablation in perioral area
  • During full-field perioral resurfacing, deep wrinkles may still be visible after several passes. Images courtesy of Pozner, MD
Wrinkles treated very deeply thanks to guidance by VivoSight OCT imaging
After 800 μm of Er:Yag laser ablation, it is seen (during intra-operative OCT measurements) that at least 700 μm of remaining skin is left and at 300 μm depth, capillary bleeding may be expected. An additional resurfacing of 300 μm was deemed safe and wrinkles disappeared.

Increase Treatment Effectiveness

  • Vivosight vascular measurements allow for a more targeted vessel treatment.
  • Large vessel resistant to treatment (far left, middle). The vessel diameter and depth was measured from the OCT image (top right).
  • Based on this data, laser settings were selected to target the specific depth and diameter of the vessel resulting in complete clearance both clinically (2nd left) and confirmed with OCT (bottom right). Images courtesy of Pozner. MD

Precision Treatment with Precision Scanning

Aesthetic treatments can often be a challenge without the ability to see the whole picture. VivoSight provides an opportunity to evolve from estimate-driven to data-driven therapy.

VivoSight Dx, a trusted tool at Miami Dermatology & Laser Institute: Chloe Gianatasio (left) and Jill Waibel, MD (right)
VivoSight Dx, a trusted tool at Miami Dermatology & Laser Institute: Chloe Gianatasio (left) and Jill Waibel, MD (right)


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